Toxic Soul is quite simply a solo musical operation.
Simply click on the links below to hear some of the music. Enjoy...

Download "Intro"

Download "Sky"

Download "Time's Burden" (CT Battle Theme Ambient Mix)

Download a reading of a demented little poem I wrote


THE FANTASTIC SIX BILLION: Episodes 1-12 (Season 1) Now Available in HTML Format! What a deal!
Episode 1: Sunrise on an Asteroid
Episode 2: Evil Recollections
Episode 3: City of Stone
Episode 4: City of Stone Part 2
Episode 5: Family Reunion
Episode 6: Televised Reasons to be Superheroes
Episode 7: Father Time, GODD and Robbed
Episode 8: High Speed Heroes
Episode 9: Disco is (Un)Dead
Episode 10: The Chase
Episode 11: Bamboozled, Swaggering, and Finding Lost Toes
Episode 12: Visions

That's all of Season 1, Season 2 will be posted soon! Enjoy! -TS/U_K/KevWah